The Bolt-On Transaction

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The Bolt-On transaction. When it comes to making significant decisions in the business world. Few can be as impactful as selling off an entire division. This was the situation our company found itself in when we decided to exit our IT customers and contracts. We knew that to maximise the value of this division. We needed expert guidance and a strategic approach. That’s when Gary and his team came into the picture.

Seizing Opportunities: Inquiries and Complex Challenges

It’s not uncommon for businesses to receive inquiries from advisors and companies interested in acquiring specific parts of their operations. In our case, we were actively approached by several potential buyers who were keen on acquiring our IT division. While this was undoubtedly an opportunity, it also presented us with a complex challenge. How do we prepare for and execute this sale in a way that not only ensures a smooth transition but also maximises the division’s value?

Expertise in Action: Navigating the Transaction

This is where Gary and his team proved to be invaluable. Their experience and expertise in navigating such transactions were evident from the start. We embarked on a journey that began with a clear and methodical preparation phase. It was crucial to assess the current state of our IT division. To understand its true value, and identify potential areas for enhancement. Gary’s team helped us gather all the necessary data and insights to make informed decisions.

Crafting a Compelling Proposition

One of the key aspects of this preparation phase was crafting a compelling proposition. Selling off a division isn’t about finding a willing buyer. It’s also about presenting the division in the best possible light to attract top offers. With Gary’s guidance… We developed a proposition that highlighted the strengths, potential, and strategic value of our IT division.

Navigating Negotiations for Maximum Value

Once the preparation and proposition phases were complete, it was time to move forward with the sale. Gary and his team leveraged their extensive network and industry knowledge. To connect us with qualified buyers who align with our vision for the division’s future. Negotiations were handled with professionalism and precision. To ensure that we secured the maximum value for our IT division.

Dedication to Success

What stood out throughout this process was not only the expertise that Gary and his team brought to the table. But also their dedication to our success. They understood that selling a division is not just a financial transaction; it’s a pivotal moment in a company’s journey. Their commitment to helping us achieve the best outcome was unwavering.

A New Focus and Brighter Future

In the end, thanks to the support and guidance of Gary and his team at Venture Corporate Finance. We successfully sold off our IT division at the maximum value. This decision not only allowed us to realise the financial benefits. But also allowed us to focus on our core business areas with renewed vigour.

Embracing Transformation

The experience of selling a division may seem daunting. Yet, with the right advisors by your side. It can be a transformative journey towards a brighter future. We are grateful for the expertise and professionalism that Gary and his team brought to our table. We look forward to new horizons in our business journey. Me and the team at Bolt-on are very grateful to Gary, and team at Venture Corporate Finance.
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