Transaction readiness report

Let’s see where you’re at

Our Transaction Readiness Report is a key tool to determine the position of your business.
You want to approach the sale of your IT, tech or telecoms business with the confidence that you’re in the strongest position. And you can’t do that unless you know exactly what you’re worth.
By first taking the time to understand whether your business is ready to sell. Its realistic valuation, as well as the types of buyers currently available to you. You’re able to make more informed decisions throughout the sales process.
Why not start as you mean to go on: with all the answers?

A completely free, bespoke report to set you up for a seamless sale

During this process, our team completes a detailed review to better understand the value of your business. Its strengths and weaknesses, and how prepared you are for a sale. It also allows us to profile your potential buyers and gauge current demand on the market.
It’s only by creating your transaction readiness report that we know whether your business is ready to go to market. And because of this and our in-depth knowledge of the ICT marketplace. We don’t believe it’s fair (or necessary) to charge you for this service.
This is about putting you in the best position to sell. About making sure this is the right time for you to exit your business. It’s estimated that only 65% of advised businesses are actually sold, and we believe it’s this advanced preparation that makes all the difference.

What’s Included?

Business overview

We’ll zoom out to take a wider look at your business. Outlining the company’s structure, forecasted revenue, management accounts, suppliers, operations, and staff.

Identifying drivers
of value

By reviewing your customers, services, and contracts. We uncover where the core of your business’s value lies and unlock hidden value.

What is your
business worth?

Within the most important page of this document. We’ll provide a realistic, achievable valuation range for your business. One that considers your circumstances and strengths, and reflects similar sales in the ICT industry.

What is the end
result for you?

It’s not just about your valuation. As well as your profits, there are other costs to consider. We’ll estimate what you can expect to pay in advisors’ fees. As well as legal fees, and taxes (after Business Asset Disposal Relief) illustrating what you can expect to receive.

Are you ready
to sell?

We’ll also identify any areas of weakness or potential issues that could delay or prevent a future sale. By identifying these early on, you’ll have plenty of time to put robust solutions in place.

Strategic options
and next steps

Now understanding your business. We give strategic thoughts and suggestions for growth and maximising value.

what's next?

Completing this process will let you see our working approach firsthand. While helping you become familiar with our brilliant team. There’s no pressure to enter into an ongoing relationship with us. But if you’re happy with our service, and we’ve identified you’re in a strong position to sell. We’d be more than happy to continue guiding you throughout the rest of the sale.
With a full understanding of your business. We are able to swiftly move through the transaction documentation. With buyer discussions to minimise lost time and keep up the momentum.
If we conclude that you’re not currently in the position to sell. We can also employ our expertise in the ICT sector to identify areas for growth and improvement. As well as help you to secure the funds needed to increase your value and prepare for your future exit.

Ready to

get started?

If you believe now is the time to sell your IT, tech or telecoms business, or you would like to begin preparing for sale with a bespoke business review, then get in touch with Venture Corporate Finance today.

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