Navigating Success with a Transaction Advisor for Your Business

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Selling a business involves in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, and seeking the help of an experienced consultant is essential to an effective business transaction at the maximum price. Entrusting the help of a consultant to define the best strategy will be critical to the final price you achieve for selling your business – maximising results and minimising time.

In particular, the advisor is able to:


A transaction advisor is not emotionally involved and is, therefore, able to judge situations in a rational way in order to seize all viable opportunities and mitigate risk while maintaining confidentiality and communication throughout all phases of the process on both sides.


Solid experiential industry knowledge and skills in acquisitions allow an advisor to perfectly understand the functioning of all formal and procedural steps which make it possible to provide valuable economic, financial and industry information. At a strategic level, the advisor is thus able to coordinate the entire project and all the parties involved, from negotiations to due diligence and the preparation of all necessary documentation in the various stages of the process.


M&A is often made up of a chain of accelerations and interruptions. Therefore, having an advisor allows you to keep up the momentum and coordinate all parties, including the various consultants and the auditors who intervene in various phases of the process.


An advisor is able to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses alongside their exact positioning in their given industry. Thanks to an advisor’s network of contacts, he/she has the ability to attract a large number of possible buyers at a national or international level, and through careful scouting, they are able to identify and evaluate the best opportunities in the market.


An advisor is able to conduct detailed research to establish the right time to sell and determine how much your company is worth and how to add value before its sells, working alongside the management team throughout the process to maximise shareholder value.

The importance of an advisor is therefore to guide, at a strategic and procedural level, and facilitate a series of delicate phases towards a smooth and successful transaction.

Venture Corporate Finance is a middle-market M&A advisory firm for clients planning to sell their businesses, raise capital, restructure, or grow with acquisitions. We provide independent advice and bespoke transaction solutions to meet their specific objectives.

For more information on corporate finance and M&A services, contact Venture Corporate Finance.

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