Croft Communication acquires Wardman UK

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Croft Communication acquires Wardman UK

Venture Corporate Finance announces the acquisition of Wardman UK by Croft Communications. Charles Wardman, the owner, continues to be part of the Croft family.

The Legacy of Wardman UK

Founded in 2009, Wardman UK has built a sterling reputation for providing top-tier support and protection. Across IT, telecoms, and software platforms.

Expanding Horizons with the Merger

Charles Wardman and his team will join Croft as part of this merger, extending our Cyber and Managed Service offerings to our 4,000 clients.

Wardman’s Enthusiasm

Charles Wardman, Director of Cyber & Managed Service Provision, expresses his enthusiasm… “I’m excited to be joining Croft and the benefits this merger brings. By combining our skills and services we will be able to provide a more comprehensive offering to all our customers. While maintaining high levels of support and care.”

The Strategic Move

Mark Bramley, Croft CEO, adds… “As part of our continued expansion in ICT products and services, this partnership increases our technological and cyber skills, enabling us to offer a greater range of best-in-class services to our customers. With their extensive experience and knowledge in cyber essentials. And cyber incident response, we welcome Charles, Mark, and Christopher to the Croft team.”

Ongoing Expansion of Croft

Croft Communications continues its rapid growth and expansion through its organic development. Coupled with its strategic acquisition plan, with more acquisitions expected throughout 2022.

Praise for Venture Corporate Finance

Charles Wardman’s experience working with Venture Corporate Finance is laudable: “Substance with style. The team worked with us to realize our ambition. They were objective throughout, insightful, and offered input and advice when needed. Clearly experienced, engaged, and capable people who deliver.”

Venture Corporate Finance’s Dedication

“From beginning to end, the team at Venture offered consistent advice and were clearly well-coordinated. This combination of behavior and process built confidence throughout. Whilst facilitated meaningful, objective discussions during the inevitable variations and kept everyone involved focused… on the end goal.”

Focused on Shareholder Success

Venture Corporate Finance is wholly dedicated to assisting IT, Telecoms, and Software shareholders with short-term and long-term exit planning. We provide the highest quality through our unique proposition and strategies for shareholders. Contact us today.

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