BDR Group acquired 3C Technology

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BDR Group acquired 3C Technology. Founded in 1991, 3C Technology established its roots in Colchester, accompanied by a regional office situated in Hemel Hempstead. This company specializes in delivering an array of services encompassing IT support. Through, cloud solutions, security services, data management, and voice services. Their clientele primarily consists of SMEs and public sector entities spanning the entirety of the UK.
Strategic partnerships with prominent vendors such as Microsoft, HP, VMware, Sophos, and Citrix. To further enhance 3C Technology’s offerings, enabling them to provide comprehensive solutions. To their diverse customer base.
BDR Group’s strategic vision involves utilizing 3C Technology’s capabilities and locations as springboards for creating two additional business hubs. These hubs are to extend BDR Group’s geographical reach and enhance its overall market presence.
Throughout this transformative process, the adept guidance provided by the experienced team at Venture Corporate Finance… Proved to be invaluable. The expert advice and support from Gary, coupled with the meticulous financial preparations led by Stephen. Instilled confidence and reassurance in the shareholders of 3C Technology.
Interestingly, retirement was not initially on the horizon for the shareholders. However, VCF adeptly presented a compelling opportunity that resonated with the shareholders. This opportunity secured the future of the business and its staff, facilitating an efficient and minimally disruptive transaction process.
The outcome of this endeavour was met with elation. A symbiotic partnership with BDR Group, where congruent business cultures converged. The alignment between the two entities paved the way for a successful collaboration. The result was not only a seamless transition but also a recommendation for others seeking M&A advice to engage with VCF promptly.
The story of 3C Technology’s successful transition reflects the importance of strategic partnerships. Alongside expert guidance, and well-prepared financial strategies. In the realm of mergers and acquisitions. Contact us today.

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