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A completely free, bespoke report to set you up for a seamless sale!

Our completely free and bespoke Transaction Readiness Report is designed to ensure your business is well-prepared for a seamless sale. Our expert team conducts a thorough review, assessing your business’s value, strengths, weaknesses, and readiness for a sale. We also identify potential buyers and assess market demand.

This report is the litmus test for your business’s readiness to enter the market. We don’t charge for this service because we believe in empowering you with the best chance of a successful sale. With only 65% of advised businesses actually selling, our advanced preparation sets you apart.


Our comprehensive report typically requires 14 to 21 days for completion, contingent upon the timely provision of requested information. This summary dossier is designed to empower you with the insights necessary to confidently determine whether selling your business aligns with your objectives.


We conduct a thorough assessment encompassing essential facets of your business, such as historical financial performance, revenue forecasts, organizational structure, balance sheets, supplier relationships, operational processes, and human resources. This comprehensive review aids in generating valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Are you ready to sell?

The Transaction Readiness Report serves another crucial purpose – it provides an assessment of your readiness for the sale. Additionally, it highlights any potential issues, represented by red or amber flags, which could pose challenges during the due diligence phase of the transaction.

Do you know how
much this might cost you?

How much will you receive for your business is not always what you get in your pocket. How much will the advisor’s fees take out, what are the legal fees expected and most importantly how much will the tax man take from you after Entrepreneurs’ Relief (Business Asset Disposal Relief)

What is the market
valuation of your

Assessing the true net proceeds from your business sale goes beyond the headline figure. It entails a comprehensive evaluation of multiple elements. Firstly, consider advisory fees, which play a significant role in the final amount. Additionally, anticipate legal expenses that may arise during the transaction. Most crucially, factor in taxation, especially the implications of Entrepreneurs’ Relief, now referred to as Business Asset Disposal Relief. Navigating these intricacies ensures a more accurate understanding of your post-sale financial position.


The valuation aligns with your expectations, but identifying the right buyer at that valuation can be challenging. Our buyer’s report provides an anonymized summary of potential buyers willing to pay within that valuation range and express interest in businesses similar to yours. It streamlines your search for a compatible buyer, saving you time and effort.

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