Navigating the Business Sales Process: Key Stages and Strategies

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In the realm of business sales, each sales process traverses common stages irrespective of broker reputation. Below delineates the merger and acquisition process, encompassing steps from initiation to completion.

At Stage 1: Grasp your business’s essence, valuation, and selling potential.

During Stage 2: Introduce buyers, reach a consensus on valuation, establish a data room, and gear up for due diligence.

In Stage 3: Confirm deal terms, and structure, and initiate due diligence proceedings.

In the subsequent Stage 4: Navigate due diligence completion, formalize a share purchase agreement, and finalize the deal.

Lastly, in Stage 5: Offer support through the completion of balance sheet requirements.

Often, brokers levy charges ranging from £5k to £25k for Stage 1, coupled with a recurring monthly retainer for document evaluation. Their involvement might wane after the culmination of Stage 4, leaving you without adequate support.

Typically, brokers demand £5k to £10k+ during Stage 2, supplemented by a retainer. However, by the time Stage 3 arrives, they might grapple with gauging your preparedness, valuation expectations, and buyer interest.


Our commitment sets us apart. Initiating at Stage 1, we formulate the Transaction Readiness Report, offering a risk-free, cost-free introduction to your business’s sale potential. Advancing only when confidence in achieving your objectives is established.


Explore its merits for informing future business sale decisions.

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Venture Corporate Finance is a mid-market M&A advisory firm, dedicated to assisting clients in selling businesses, raising capital, restructuring, or expanding through acquisitions. Tailored transaction solutions and impartial advice harmonize with diverse objectives.

For comprehensive corporate finance and M&A services, engage with Venture Corporate Finance.

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