2022 Award winning M&A business
2022 Award winning M&A business

AWARD WINNING M&A IT and TELCO advisory company Venture Corporate Finance, a UK-based mergers and acquisition firm, recently won two prestigious industry awards.

Both of these awards demonstrate the thorough commitment Venture Corporate Finance has to connecting buyers and sellers while simultaneously acting as a liaison throughout the M&A process.


The first award: Best M&A Newcomer in 2022 New startup firms often struggle to find their footing. This has not been the case with Venture Corporate Finance as they set the stage early for success. Subsequently, they recently won the Acquisition International Award for Best M&A Newcomer in 2022.

The second award: Communications Deal of the Year Connecting buyers with sellers is a complex process. While a firm may have an interest in buying “a company,” finding the right match is a critical step to success. Venture Corporate Finance was awarded a 2022 Communications Deal of the Year for its outstanding work in this arena. Their tailored approach to the merger and acquisitions process earned them the Communications Deal of the Year award.

About Venture Corporate Finance Venture Corporate Finance was founded in London in YEAR. They have since grown their footprint to include an office in Manchester.

The company has a specific focus on the IT, Telecommunications, and SaaS sectors. These industries have unique needs and require a concerted effort to identify and connect the right buyer with the right seller. All three segments of the communications industry are growing in both their importance and momentum. This targeted focus allows the Venture team to provide the best possible service for their clients. Venture Corporate Finance also recognizes that selling your business or buying a new one is a complex process. They designed their four-step process to provide worldclass service, whether the client is a buyer or a seller. Venture Corporate Finance has an average transaction time of four to seven months, an efficient process that ensures both buyers and sellers receive fair treatment. The Four-Step Process Venture Corporate Finance’s four-step process begins with a thorough investigation, beginning with an extensive Transaction Readiness Report. Here, the Venture Corporate Finance team will unpack the firm’s valuation while making critical determinations if the company is ready to be sold. It continues with the next step, the marketing and sale preparation programme. During this time, the Venture team develops documents and conducts weekly meetings with a company to prepare them for due diligence. Following this step comes the critical negotiation of the Heads of Terms document. This includes the roadmap for completion and lays out the terms of the transaction. Finally, Venture Corporate Finance works with both sides through the entire due diligence process, managing the sale to completion. Their unofficial fifth step, after transaction support, is what has helped Venture Corporate Finance earn both of these prestigious awards. This will include ensuring the seller receives all of their funds and that both sides are satisfied with the process. For more information To learn more about Venture Corporate Finance, contact the team via their website HERE or view their latest transactions HERE

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